Case Study: Surecomp’s Financial Translation


With this financial translation case study, we were approached by an international asset management company, for which we have completed two fairly straightforward projects in the past with, a particularly tricky request.

They had troubles with one of their language service providers to meet a crucial deadline for their company. They had no previous experience with the type of documents they needed to translate and, as sometimes happens, the documents were required to be presented in just one week at a trust fund conference held in Bristol.

We knew that only a well-planned strategy and trusted resources could complete this project and comply with the requirements. Have a look at this financial case study.

Client Project Requirements

Project Requirements:

We received the source files and organized a meeting to familiarize all parties involved in the process.

We were about to translate nearly 10,000 words in 8 languages for just one week. This might seem as a doable task, but for specialized content, such as a KIID (key investor information document), with two-step review process – separate proofreader and a subject-matter expert to validate the accuracy of the translations, the deadline we simply needed to adhere to was becoming rather tight.

Identifying-The Potential Layout Issues


We were facing two major challenges:

  1. Time constraints – we understood very well how high the stakes for our client were and wanted to prove our capabilities in order to gain their trust as a long-term partner.
  2. Assuring impeccable quality – when you work with limitations (say your budget is fixed or like in this case, strict deadlines to comply with), there is always a chance that quality might suffer as a consequence. We wanted to show that when we commit to certain requirements we do not disappoint, instead we strive for great results. This is why we involved a subject-matter expert in each of the eight languages to verify that accurate terminology and style were used throughout the documents.

We Were Facing Two Major Challenges

Financial case study: Time constraints and assuring impeccable quality

Our Solution:

Always Do Our Best

We have to admit that not all projects are easy, but overcoming challenges is what keeps us going and motivates us to always do our best.

We set up a team with relevant experience in the financial and legal industry and did some brainstorming until we developed a plan for action.

With the help of our technical department, we were able to identify the potential layout issues in the documents and prepare them in such way that they remain uncorrupted after translation.


To assure spotless terminology and style was followed, we collaborated with subject matter experts to verify that the translations are appropriately written for the financial industry.

Everything was wrapped up by our QA specialists who confirmed that no inconsistencies can be found among the documents, which is of paramount importance with KIID documents.

Identifying The Potential Layout Issues

Potential Layout Issues

Financial case study: With the help of our technical department, we were able to identify the potential layout issues in the documents

End Result:

Happy End Resul Smart Localization

Right from the beginning we knew this is a high-profile project with strict deadlines, but as luck (or more accurately experience) would have it, we were just the right service provider for the job. We had the knowledge, expertise and team of dedicated members that can smoothly communicate and execute tasks, even under pressing circumstances.

A week later we received a call from one of the stakeholders who wanted to share with us how impressed he was with our service in terms of adhering to the timelines, communication and most importantly the quality of the translation.

Their fund meeting went as planned and they were able to establish important connections in the overseas market. Our next project came two days after that phone call and we humbly believe we were able to establish a very important business partnership with prospects for a long-term one.

We Know How to Listen to

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