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With this legal translation case study, we were approached by one of our regular clients, a well-respected law firm located in Germany with branches in Spain and France, came to us three months ago with an English to German project for translation of newly updated content that exceeded 80,000 words.

They had their doubts if the project can be completed successfully due to the extremely complex nature of the documents. We viewed this as an opportunity to buckle down and provide our well-known high-quality services.

Man Surecomps Legal Translation

Project Requirements:

We were provided with dozens of files, each of them with new content inserted, but impossible to distinguish from the rest of the text.

Our client requested flawless implementation of the new text into the new file format and for the terminology to be unified.

Group of Lawyers Smart Localization


When you receive a big and complex project, it is more likely for challenges to arise.

In this particular legal case study, we had to figure out how to best handle the process of implementation and how to keep the terminology consistent across all files.

  • Our client has expressed their concern about the implementation of the correct translation onto the correct files. They have tried this before on a smaller scale project and the outcome was unfortunately not satisfactory. For this reason, we aimed to restore their faith in the capabilities of the skilled translation companies.
  • No glossary. For this particular project, our client did not have any terminological list to provide us with, therefore we needed to decide how to tackle this. The only possible way to keep consistent terminology throughout the translated files was for us to extract all relevant key terms from the source files and create a glossary (with more than 100 entries). We used the created file to convert it via translation software into a so-called ‘termbase’ that was checking if the used terminology was adhering to the one in the glossary.

The Correct Translation Onto The Correct Files.

Legal transaltion

The implementation of the correct translation onto the correct files.

Our Solution:

Tech-Savvy Solutions

We take pride in our tech-savvy solutions and dedication to the client’s requirements. We were very well aware that there is no possible way to distinguish and translate only the new content in so many files without being able to actually see what was changed.

We evaluated the situation and contacted the client to request the previous versions of the files and by comparing them we were able to figure out what were the newly introduced amendments. Only after that, we could proceed with the translation of the files and further quality assurance procedures.

Relevant Terminology

Implementation was done on a multi-stage level where several experts were workings at the same time on the files.

We were using an online tool to keep track of the progress and easily communicate among each other, thus ensuring that the implementation was done in the intended way.

Furthermore, we ensured that all relevant terminology was extracted from the source files and incorporated into a glossary to help our client in terms of maintaining consistent terminology, which is essential in the legal world.

Identifying The Potential Layout Issues

The Potential Layout Issues

Legal case study: With the help of our technical department, we were able to identify the potential layout issues in the documents

End Result:

Happy End Resul Smart Localization

We completed the project in the requested time frames and our client expressed their gratitude and even recommended us to their affiliate company in the US.

Nothing speaks more about quality and satisfaction than a heartfelt recommendation, or at least this is particularly true for the translation business.

We were more than happy to collaborate on this project and were pleased to provide our client with an extensive glossary that will serve them good in the future by keeping their key terminology in one place, easily accessible and well-organized.

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