Medical Translation

7 of the top world 10 pharmaceutical companies chose Smart-Localization!

  •  Specialized in Medical translation
  •  ISO 9001 / 13485 certified
  •  70+ languages
  •  International standards
  •  Validation, QA and Back Translation
  •  CAT tools, Translation Memory creation
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Project Manager per account

“GCP Clinical Studies Ltd. is a leading provider of Clinical Research Services and educational programs in Israel. We conduct dozens of clinical trials every year and required a translation company capable of managing translation processes on a very large scale. Over the last 7 years, Smart-Localization has been translating the clinical studies for us in a professional manner, shortening time-lines and providing courteous service at any time.”

Medical documents often contain countless details and complex terminology, ensuring this is accurately conveyed in medical terminology translation is crucial. There are few other disciplines within translation that can have such significant bearing on human life. For this reason, choosing a medical translation company you can count on and who has proven themselves in the field is an absolute must.
We at Smart-Localization have been working with clients in the medical field since we first opened, we are highly experienced in the medical document translation services field and have worked on everything from clinical trials, consent forms, PILs, Medical Devices to labels and data sheets.


Critical Service with NO room for mistakes!

With over 15 years of experience providing medical translation services to the world top leading pharmaceutical and CROs companies, we’ve translate hundreds of clinical trials in various fields of medicine into dozens of languages.

  •  Investigator’s Brochures
  •  Protocols
  •  Protocol synopsis
  •  Informed Consent Forms
  •  Patient Information Sheets
  •  Discharge Letters
  •  Questionnaires
  •  Diaries
    We use a streamlined process to include all required stages to insure accuracy, consistency and delivery according the industry strict standards.


Your One Stop Solution provider! Smart-Localization is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and provides translation services to leading medical equipment manufacturers from clinical research stage through marketing the product. Whether it’s a user interface, user guides, user manuals, marketing material or any other document- you have a team with decades of medical translation services experience translating and localizing on international standards. From I18N (Internationalization), glossary creation and training to Multilingual QA of your software and documents, Our experience is your Success!


Medical and pharmaceutical translations require a high level of linguistic skills, as well as a strong base of knowledge in terminologies and law. Thus, in a domain governed by the need for precision, patient information leaflet translators must meet a number of vitally important challenges. While trying to be made commercially available, health products are subjected to strict procedures. A pharmaceutical company must produce for each medication a Marketing Authorization (MA) containing a Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) and a Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) as well as the packaging and marketing materials.
With over 15 years of experience providing medical translation services to the world top leading pharmaceutical and CROs companies, we’re committed to stand behind the market most strength standard to provide you with a One Stop Solution at the highest level. From graphic design to validation and QA of the final product, we’ll be happy to assist you with your project.

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