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Legal translation is part of your legal strategy. The accuracy and the consistency of the legal language as well as the legal localization of every single legal and financial term is crucial to  reinforcing your strategy within the foreign legal system. The translation of legal, administrative and financial documents require fluency in both the legal and the local language of a country in order to make the lawyers’ work invincible to misinterpretation, legal penalties and a loss of trust and reputation.

Smart Localization has over 15 years translations experience in corporate law, medical law, financial law . We use our proven methods and expertise to help our clients to turn their legal language into a partner during negotiations or in the court. Our approach includes rigorous quality control at every step of the process, individual analysis of the client’s files and creating a glossary tailored to the client’s legal purpose and strategy.We help our clients to preserve the quality of their legal services investment in the foreign legal system.

 5 Ways We Guarantee Legal Translation Quality

legal translation analysis

Step 1: Consider Document Type

From End-User License Agreements for software applications (EULAs) to legal and financial contracts, clarity and quality depend on keeping the structure and the message of the original document consistent and adequate.

This is achieved through identifying the type of document, the purpose of the translation, the legal domain where the document belongs to and the requirement of the target country’s legal system. The careful translation analysis increases the efficiency of the process and preserves the quality of your investment in the legal work.

Step 2: Resolve Source File Issues

Source files can be hard copies or scanned PDFs but maintaining the style of the document in the translation is a must. In these cases, best practice requires you to type the document again in a Word file, or to scan the hard copy using OCR technology, so that the source content is electronic, searchable, and translatable using the translation tools.

Legal and financial terms dictionary

Our Approach

A typical translation project will include the following stages:

  • 1. File AnalysisWe conduct a project analysis that guarantees the quality of the translation and reduces costs.
  • 2. Glossary CreationUsing your preferred vocabulary! Together we create a legal terms glossary in accord with the target legal system that serves your legal purpose
  • 3. Translation + ValidationWe cooperate with over 1000 translators in more than 70 languages. Our translators are experts in both translation and in the legal field.
  • 6. Translation Memory UpdateAfter completing the project we preserve key information in our Translation Memory system. Data storing reduces the costs and time of our future translation projects.
  • 5. Quality AssuranceFinishing a translation project is followed by a review from our quality assurance department. A professional in the legal field and a native speaker proofreads the text to make sure that the highest standards of quality are met.
  • 4. Desktop Publishing;Working with all file formats. Our DTP team preserves the initial format of the documents into the the target files. We preserve all types of documents, including MS Office formats, graphic files (In-Design, Adobe Illustrator, etc.), Frame Maker and many more.
Legal translation quality management by Smart Localization

Step 3: Look For Expertise

Language is a matter of translation but the legal language is a matter of interpretation. We preserve your legal strategy in the context of a foreign legal system.

The challenge is to interpret the legal and financial terms without losing their original meaning and to follow the rules and regulations for legal translation that most often vary from country to country. This requires finding sworn translators with linguistic and legal expertise who make sure your legal documents maintain their consistency and purpose in the new legal system.

Step 4: Consider The Area Of Practice

Every industry exists within a specific legal frame. These include antitrust, banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, employment and benefits, insurance, intellectual property, private equity, litigation, real estate, and tax. Every country has its own ways regulating an industry and the legal strategy should take into account not only the legal system but also the industry where it operates. All our translators are experts in their market field.

Step 5: Review For A Specific Location

Each country has its own regulations for legal translators, as well. Many countries require the legal translators to have both legal and translation education, and in The Netherlands, Sweden and Spain the translators are even required to swear legal oaths as the lawyers do. We work with over a 1000 professional translators in over 70 languages in order to ensure the smooth and successful project execution in a timely manner.

Why Should You Trust Us?

  • We are ISO 9001 certified and we keep our work to the highest possible standards.
  • We are at your disposal for any urgent translation that you may need.
  • We translate into over 70 languages.
  • We collaborate with leading legal translators around the world.
  • We have over 15 years of experience specializing in legal translation, which includes complex terminology and detailed writing.

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