Technical Translation​

It's the field of precise words and strict terminology!

Our optimized procedures guarantee the highest level of professional translations in accordance with our ISO 9001 certificate standards. Trust our team of over 1000 professional experts that are ready to translate into more than 70 languages!

We know that you have put a lot of effort and investment into preparing a concise, clear, and well-written document. Let us make sure that the translation comes out just as clear and accurate, we’ve got the experience, the knowledge and the skills:

  • We will advise you throughout the full technical writing stage, which is where every professional translation of technical content starts. Thanks to our Writing for Localization methodologies, we will help you create a source which is translation friendly and this pays back in terms of turnaround times and costs!
  • We will carry out a smart analysis of your source and based on it we will prepare a glossary of our specialized terminology, in order to ensure further accuracy and consistency of the target content.
  • We specialize in translating documents in the following formats: MS Word, FrameMaker, AuthorIt, RoboHelp, WebWorks, Flare, InDesign, Illustrator and many others. In all of them we maintain the graphic design layouts in accordance with your source document.

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