Website Globalization​

The mirror of your company!

Website globalization is much more than “just” translation of the website contents. A professional process must be implemented to ensure your potential readers have the right impression of your company.

We at Smart-Localization understand it and are ready to provide you with a High Globalization process to meet your needs.

We can help you say the right words to your worldwide customers!

Your website is where you create your first impression on the client, Smart-Localization makes sure that it’s the right one! We know how important it is to make your website suitable for the local market, so you can start a conversation with your potential clients in the right way and in a language they understand

We go way beyond the mere translation of your website content:

  • We study your CMS and define the most suitable work method for you.
  • We work with all file types, including HTML, PHP, JAVA and XML and the use tools to preserve translation memories, which optimize every further translation project.
  • We run multilingual QA checks at the end of the translation stage, such as the accuracy of the translation context, design testing and website functionality testing.

Smart-Localization offers professional software localization services in over 70 languages that meet ISO standards. Thanks to our 15+ years of experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of different language structures and regulatory requirements that mean you get a top tier localization service.

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