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Be Creative, Leave The Marketing Translation To Us!

Marketing translations are crucial for any brand that is about to conquer new markets. If you want to be successful you have to have specific background knowledge of the target market: the local mindset, the traditions and habits, possible consumer behavior and much more while adapting the original text to fit the target cultural context.

Creating high-quality marketing materials can take a lot of your time (not to mention resources) and your message and brand could go off-track if your content isn’t handled the right way. Don’t let your efforts go to waste because of “too literal” or just not market-oriented translations.

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What Have We Translated?

We have lots of experience in the marketing field and we offer a variety of translation solutions. Some of the documents we translate for marketing campaigns are:

  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Product catalogues
  • Corporate slogans
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters

How To Make A Translation Suitable For Marketing Purposes

  1. To ensure high-level of marketing text Smart-Localization cooperates closely with the client to best determine what their requirements and expectations are. It is all about communication!
  2. Marketing translation requires to write appealing and persuasive content that has an impact on the local audience. For this reason, marketing translators need to be first and foremost really good writers.
  3. Marketing translation targets the marketing, branding and advertising purposes of a product campaign in a specific country. This is why native-speaker translators should always handle such texts.
  4. What needs to be outlined from the start is the right tone of voice and stylistic preferences that the translator will incorporate within their adaptation of the original text.

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Our Approach

A typical translation project will include the following stages:

  • 1. File AnalysisDetermining the price quote and the required translation process is crucial. Each job request is analyzed by our experts to provide a comprehensive, free overview of what needs to be done, including a cost-estimate.
  • 2. Glossary CreationUsing your preferred vocabulary! Our first step is establishing a glossary together, to achieve consistency throughout the project in accordance with your requirements.
  • 3. Translation + ValidationIn order to provide you with the best translation available, we cooperate with over 1000 translators in more than 70 languages. All our translators and validators have relevant professional experience which ensures translations of the highest quality.
  • 6. Translation Memory UpdateAfter the completion of every job, we update your Translation Memory, thus expanding your database, incorporating it into the next project we manage for you.
  • 5. Quality AssuranceAfter a translation is completed and the files underwent the DTP process, our quality assurance department reviews the work before we send it to you. This ensures that the project is without fault, guaranteeing you the peace of mind to focus on the many other aspects of your business.
  • 4. Desktop Publishing;Working with all file formats. To ensure you get a print-ready files, our professional DTP team will prepare the target files according to your instructions. Either it’s a MS Office format, graphic files (In-Design, Adobe Illustrator, etc.), Frame Maker, or any other format – we can handle it, using the source files.
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Why Should You Trust Us?

  • We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and keep our work to the highest possible standards.
  • We are at your disposal for any urgent translation that you may need.
  • We translate into over 70 languages.
  • We collaborate with in-country translators around the world that are specialized in the field.
  • We have over 15 years of experience specializing in marketing translation, which includes localization to fit the market purpose as well as content writing.

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Ready to start a project?

send us your inquiry and we will turn back to you within the same day

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