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We are Smart Localization Ltd., a skilled localization and translation company trusted by many brands across the world.

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An experienced and professional localization company may be the key to success or failure in entering an international market. Now that much effort has gone into developing the product, it is the time for a smart software localization services process, to maximize the company’s product potential.




Medical, Technical, Legal, Finance, Marketing or any other subject – We take care of your project!
While price is an important factor, ensuring your project is in the right hands can be crucial for you. With over 15 years of experience providing translation services to the world leading companies, we’ll be happy to assist you in your projects.



The mirror of your company!
Website globalization is much more than “just” translation of the website contents. A professional process must be implemented to ensure your potential readers have the right impression of your company.
We at Smart-Localization Ltd. understand it and are ready to provide you with a High Globalization process to meet your needs.



  • Graphic Design

  • Technical and Medical writing

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Multi-Lingual QA

  • Project Management

Smart-Localization Ltd. provides translation and localization services in over 70 languages in a multitude of fields. With over 15 years of experience, over 1000 translators and experts, rigorous quality standards, 24/7 service, and many satisfied customers, Smart-Localization Ltd. is proud to be one of the top translation companies.

What makes us unique?

Translation optimization: Each project at Smart-Localization begins with an in-depth file analysis to determine what services the client will actually need. In this analysis, we take time to optimize the translation process and to minimize unnecessary costs for our clients, along with efficiently trimming our work schedules and deadlines.


What people say?

This is what our clients say about our localization and translation services.

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